Here you will find a collection of short stories that I have written. There is also a link to my first novel The Carnage of Acts, one of seven in The Amulet of CHRIST series that I am writing.

Front cover image of the carnage of acts.

The Amulet of CHRIST series

Book One - The Carnage of Acts

Under the benevolent rule of King Vertico, Marble City has enjoyed peace and prosperity. For his youngest son, Prince Terbino, this has meant a life of kinship and learning.

Until his world is torn brutally asunder.

A series of horrific murders shatter the harmony with the young Prince branded the prime suspect. As friends and allies turn against him, he must strive to prove his innocence before it is too late. This journey will lead him on a perilous quest - into realms where few dare tread, finding allies in strange places and new enemies at every turn. A quest where failure could mean the end, not only of his life, but of all he knows and loves.


Below is a collection of fanart, artwork, and maps that are associated with my first book, The Carnage of Acts. There are three regional maps to show where the characters are travelling throughout their journey, each align to the other to form a big world map.